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Who are we ?

An intermediary boutique in fund-raising and M&A

An operational support team, made up of professional experts, interested in your project in three areas, for qualified investors in France and abroad


Are you an entrepreneur with a business model or technology innovation breakdown ?


Are you an SME-SMI leader who is considering a spin off or a foreign buyer who wants to make an acquisition in France ?


Are you a qualified investor or a professional in the hospitality industry who is looking to expand?

Contact us to :

- be more effective

- save time,

- support your growth,

- identify the best investor with the right fit



Created in 2011, VaLiEnte-invest specializes in fund raising support and business development, M&A of SME-SMI/ Hotels for qualified and international investors.

We work with you as co-entrepreneurs

Our mindset

Our mindset:

The human being at the heart of the project

With the know-how of VaLiEnte:

  • create long-term value with a team
  • select relevant investors
  • support ambitious entrepreneurs​

Our methodology and expertise are cross sectors, both in France and internationally.

Our contribution

Our contribution:

Facilitating high-level operations

VaLiEnte works in the common interest of the parties and over time to:

  • strengthen your team
  • identify growth drivers
  • help with decision-making
  • refine your project

We bring you know-how and experience to guarantee the success of the operation.

Proposals for support

 3 Proposals for support:


Fund raising (> € 1M) and business development

(SME/ Hotels with a turnover> € 1M)

External growth by acquisition (SME-SMI, hospitality)